Week 2. 5/8/14 Making simple machines Science and Technology 101583

Week 2.  5/8/14

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them. – Albert Einstein

This week  as I was walking to the library I met a delightful lady called Kat, who is also completing her Master of Primary Teaching at Bankstown Campus.  We talked about our workload and what units we were completing this semester and it turns out that we are in the same tutorial for Science and Technology! ( We both think like Penny from The Big Bang Theory! )  So, we talked about the group task where I told Kat, I’d just met Daniel (Who’s a thinker like Sheldon) and that I want to ask Daniel to join our group.  Kat said she also met a girl called Ashley, and she would be in our group.  This worked out well for us all, so we can basically get started in week 3 to discuss our assignment task. 


  1. Engage
  2. Explore
  3. Explain
  4. Elaborate
  5. Evaluate

We watched a video in the lecture on Sheldon’s take on electricity to get us all engaged with our students.  Because, when you are learning through experimenting you also need to evaluate your learning as well as share your knowledge.  That is, children must construct their knowledge and discuss what they have learnt socially. This is what we as students will be demonstrating in week 6 during our group presentations. This is important because Science and Technology K-6 lays the foundations for children to embark on later work in Science. 

Within the syllabus look at: Page 13 ( Learning across the Curriculum) p.15-16 Incorporating Science and Technology.

Also, Children bring with them to school a range of prior knowledge, understanding and skills. 

The AIM of the Syllabus:

Develop students’ competence and creativity in applying the processes of Working Scientifically and Working Technologically to appreciate and understand the Natural Environment and Made Environment. 

Within the Syllabus p.16 A teacher should:

  • Provide a sense of wonder and expand their natural curiosity
  • Allow students to become competent through creativity
  • Enhance students confidence.
  • Enable students to confidently respond to needs.

TUTORIAL 2.    5/8/14  CONSTRUCT A MODEL CAR  Our Team:   Ashley, Daniel, Kat, and Suzette “Go Gadget Go!”

Materials:  Carton, wheels, axel, straws, and glue gun, 

We had to make a simple rolling car using these resources. Then we took turns rolling the car down a ramp to see how far it travels.  Then if needed we had to modify our design in order to make it travel as far as possible. The cars are finally tested and measured and the measurements of the distances travelled are recorded in a number of ways appropriate to the situation: ie, they can vary from K-6.

I enjoyed constructing a model car because we got to experience hands on how to make a car and then test it out. As a group, we exerienced trouble with the wheels turning, this was because the glue was stopping the axel from spinning. Hence, this is why our car didn’t travel very far.  However, we gained valuable knowledge by discussing with one another ways to fix our  “Go Gadget Go!” car. This involved re-thinking and  investigating our options of what to do to make the car go faster.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.  Thomas Alva Edison


Week 1 Science and Technology 101583 – 1663 Master of Teaching Primary

Week 1  29/7/14  Introduction to Primary Science and Technology   – Learning Activity “Simple Circuits”

To teach Science to Primary school students you need to provide a lesson which is:

  • Engaging
  • Fun
  • Educational

Students need to experience first then the teacher can provide the explanation.  This unit is designed to develop my competencies as a beginning teacher learn to teach students about:

KNOWLEDGE (content)

ATTITUDE (positive)

POWERFUL  (learning context)

PASSIONATE (emotional)

Experiment: 2 pieces of wire, 1 light bulb, 1 battery.

Today in the tutorial I met another student called Daniel, where we paired up together for a class experiment using: wire, battery, and a bulb. Together, we collaborated on how we would get the bulb to light up. By giving us the material we both were able to explore and experiment ‘hands on’ whilst coming up with our hypothesis.


Science and Technology
Science and Technology


week_1_tutorial_notes                                                                tut_1_notes

Teaching Students all about Science and Technology is based on learning by using the 5 E Model:

EVALUATE (teacher) What worked? What didn’t? / Assessment  (Child) The student’s degree of learning (extend)

The Death of Michael Hutchence – A Sad Day in Pop Culture History

(22 January 1960 – 22 November 1997).

Michael Hutchence was the founding lead singer-songwriter of rock band INXS from 1977 to his death. He is one of the greatest singers and performers in Australia’s history.

I grew up listening to INXS as a teenager. Now, when ever I hear INXS playing on the radio their music brings back good times and memories. Although, wish you were still with us Michael, you are sadly missed by many.

The day I heard of Michael’s death left me in utter shock, sadness and anger. What brings me peace today, is listening to INXS and also U2, a song Bono wrote for Michael called Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of.

A song about an argument between friends.

Another fortunate memory I hold today, is being present at U2’s 360 degrees tour on the 13/12/10 in Sydney and hearing the tribute Bono gave Michael Hutchence.

Below is a link courtesy of:


Live @ ANZ Stadium, Sydney, 13/12/2010

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Healthy Choices for 2011

One of my New Years Resolutions is to make healthier choices and so far I’ve made an effort to buy fresh produce along with trying gluten-free ingredients.  Upon exiting my Son’s Dentist appointment last Monday which didn’t go so well, I drove straight to the Fruit & Vegetable Market where I loaded up the trolley with healthier options.

One of my healthier choices…

"Toasted Gluten-Free"
This is the first time I’ve ever bought Gluten-Free Bread
"Tuna with Cracked Pepper & Lemon, Tomatoes, Spanish Onion, Parsley, and Lime to drizzle all over the top!

I had bought enough produce to last the family two weeks.   Although, I did make spaghetti Bolenese with grated celery, onion, garlic, carrots and zucchini for the kids and they loved it!

"Minchinbury Fruit & Vegetable Shop"
Great for cooking a pot of vegie soup. Just Add a couple of Bay Leaves, garlic, chilli and chicken stock for flavour
Put the rice in last and just let it cook. Once the rice is cooked then it's plate up!
"My healthy Dinner"
"Bon Appetite"

3 Events that I didn’t miss out on in 2010!


The Ticket!

On Wednesday the 28th April 2010, I travelled with my Son Michael to watch Wicked at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney.  I’m so glad we made the trip.  Wicked was Michael’s very first stage production experience.  His expressions, excitement just oozing from his face was worth it!  The costumes were amazing, singing, music, and lighting just brilliant.  Would have loved to have seen it again, and again. 



U2 360 degrees


What a Night!



 The Circle Tour- Bon Jovi



This was my favourite concert for the year! Bon Jovi rocked the Sydney Football Stadium as the rain poured down my dear friend Danielle and I danced our booties off! Absolutely AWESOME! Living on a pray was the highlight of my night, also Bon Jovi saying to the crowd “I’m just having an intimate shower with you!”

Source: Google Images

Ten ways to complete my ARW Essay!

  1. Create a Mind Map
  2. Refer to Blog (30/9/10) – Selective, Active and Critical, find online journal article and internet resource.
  3. Plan, Structure, and Introduction.
  4. Detail points using quotations to back up and support your claim / evidence.
  5. Sum up the main points from the body in my conclusion.
  6. Always use spell check.
  7. Ask my Niece, (Primary School Teacher) to read over my work.
  8. Wanting feedback, wanting to know if my sentences flow and make sense?  Have I used correct grammar?
  9. Use MLA referencing and in text citation.
  10. Use Turn-it-in  / Essay Paper (Print out receipt and attach) to essay then place in my teacher’s tray.



Workshop with Karen Attard / Pre-paring My Essay

Week 10.  Selecting Research Material Using Selective, Active, & Critical.

Selective: Basically you will need to introduce “Skimming” into your Essay approach by using skimming through Chapter Headlines, taking notice of Bold Fonts, which are often major points, graphics and captions, highlighted text. This should give you an outline of what is in the book. In addition, read the first and last paragraph in the book/article.

Scan chapter headings & index “Zero In” evaluate books, articles & internet sources, how reliable are they?

Authority Who is the author? Are they trained? Has anyone ever quoted them? Source of Publication? E.g. University Press.  Is it associated with a reputable institute? E.g. John Hopkins teaching resource.

Originality How original is it? Is it bringing something new, or is it re-hashing?

Language  Is it based on appeal to the emotions?

Objectivity What is the goal? You need to be clear of the aim.

Accuracy Has the author used credible data, knowledge of the field, to back up their argument? 

Currency  How current is the work? Look at the most recent coverage, Does it cover the topic in-depth?

Active Reading  Have a pencil and paper readily available to take notes as you write – use a notebook. Use a system to aid you. Underlining key terms, words you don’t understand, check a Dictionary or Glossary.  Similarity note contradictions make a web of knowledge, record your reactions / keep knowledge summarise as you go. When writing down quotation – summarise yourself (to understand) and reference.

Critical Reading Understand what they are saying, conclusion how he/she got to it.  Argument Value do you agree / disagree?  You want to recognise the writer’s purpose. E.g. “So what, who cares” in text-book. Know the authors historical background. Recognising patterns of argument. How do they put forward an argument? Linking to ideas to other idea in the text. What perspective are they taking it from Theorist, Jargon? How are they trying to persuade you? Appeal to your emotions? How is the writer positioning you? Are you apart of the profession? Does their writing invite a debate? Think also about yourself and your own viewpoint?

Intra – Break

                                                                     Source: Google Images

Week 9.

At first the thought of having a week off really appealed to my senses of being let loose into the world. For example, driving to the beach smelling the salt water in the air along with positioning myself on a grass hill after purchasing Fish & Chips from the local Take-Away Shop. In addition, not forgetting the smell of vinegar splashed all over my chips. Just as important, watching the seagulls parading around me patiently waiting for me to throw  a chip their way. Ultimately, the  battle of the “Chip Wars” begin. “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

We all love to dream and that I must say is what I love to do. Let me explain, my short University intra-break consisted of myself being sick the entire week with a chest infection.  Along with an essay due for Australia and The World.  My point, I can only imagine the beach for now.  Although, I’m off to Wollongong for my Son’s Soccer in two weeks, so a bit of sight-seeing can be added to our Itinery. For now,  the rumble of the sea awaits my bare feet as I walk along the beach digging my toes deep into the wet sand as I busily scan the shore-line for that unique sea-shell, you know,  the one your always searching for.

For now, I’ll keep on dreaming of the beach, having Christmas approaching I can confidently say, ” It will be here before we know it.”  Finally, my dreams will come true as the day has arrived when my family embark on our Beach Holiday to Corlette, Port Stephens.

Chapter 5. Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say

Week 8. 

Today’s workshop demonstrated how you can put across in your writing a convincing argument using specific templates together with acknowledging the necessary part of academic writing which is putting you into the dialogue. For example, making your claim, either choosing to agree or disagree, or based on both.  Although, elaboration would be required if using a combination as you wouldn’t want to be perceived as “Sitting on the fence.” Ultimately, you want to make a firm convincing argument. In addition, the useful templates distinguish who is saying what in your own writing. Specifically designed to avoid confusion and clearly allowing you to point out to your reader what you are saying. Another trick I learnt was to name whose speaking.

For example:

Anyone familiar with the Rudd Government, would agree their Government is strongly committed to Whaling Laws.   Adding to Peter Garrett’s argument where he believes, “Using the [Royal Australian] Navy is about heightening the pressure on Japan to stop killing Whales.” (2007)                     

Quoted Source: UWS, Penrith Campus – Australia and The World Lecture 29/9/10 Lecturer: Dr. Peter Mauch

Heart Versus Head

I’ve grown to follow my head instead of my heart! 


These days I follow my head more than my heart. I believe it’s my life experiences that now sway me to follow my head. Whereas  before I would more often follow my heart and the outcome has either been a broken heart or placed me in sticky situations!  Especially those Teenage Years.  Today,  I’m more logical and seem to analyse a situation. 

Consequently, when  I’m now confronted with the dilemma of either choosing my heart or head, I automatically imagine myself walking down a long road coming directly to a fork in the road. Stopping, and saying to myself “which road do you want to take?” I automatically know the answer, although I play round with the thoughts in my head imagining what it would be like if I chose the direction of my heart. Snap! Back to reality, logic kicks in and I choose the head direction.

Therefore, I’m more conscious about the decisions I make and nevertheless very grateful for the mistakes I may have made in the past through choosing my heart.  As a result the heartache and pain has made me stronger and less naïve as I once was.

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My Bow Tie Pasta with Chorizo Sausages Recipe

I made this at home for my friends and relatives and they

loved it!


Bow-Tie Pasta
Boil Pasta in a large Pot with water & a splash of Salt. 

2 x Large Zucchini’s

Dice and lightly fry in Olive Oil using a shallow fry pan. 

Chorizo Sausages                        
Cut into thick pieces (sliced) & fry in a shallow fry pan. 

Mushrooms (300 grams)    
Diced and fry with the Zucchini & Chorizo Sausages. 

Rocket, Cashew & Parmesan Dip
Once the Pasta has boiled and slightly cooled. Add the Zucchini, Mushrooms and Chorizo Sausages to the Pasta. Fold in the desired amount of Rocket, Cashew & Parmesan Dip. 

Cherry Tomatoes                                                                    
Wash and cut into halves then lightly cook with a drizzle of Olive Oil, Sea Salt, and Cracked Pepper. Dress over the top of the meal and serve with freshly Shaved Parmesan. 

Feta Cheese                                                         
This is optional, although I do recommend if you like Feta.  Cut the Feta into thick cubed pieces.  


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Name a children’s book every child should read

Week 7.

I wrote a letter to the zoo……

My Son Samuel received this book for his Birthday one year from his Aunty Rosemarie in the mail. I remember watching how excited he was in receiving a book in our Letterbox.  Also that he was able to interact with me while I read the book and him being able to turn over the flaps!

Most of all, I enjoyed watching Samuel trying to guess what animal is behind the flap. Furthermore, listening to him make animal sounds and wanting me to read the book over and over again!

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Triage Grammar

Week 7.    
Today’s workshop I was absent from unfortunately due to a horrible stomach bug! Although, I’m now feeling better. I’ve since been given class notes and details on how to write a(QDES) Quick and Dirty Essay System).   Thankyou to Shane and Chloë. 


The topic introduced called Triage Grammar, a process which prioritises grammar based on the extent of it’s misuse from students. In particular common grammar mistakes made by students when they are writing sentences. In addition, a hand-out was given to aid with choosing words.
For example: (taken from class handout)  Who and whom: Here is a four-step trick for getting these words right every time:
Step 1: Isolate the clause containing the “who(ever)” or “whom(ever).” You’ll remember that a clause is a group of related words containing a subject and a verb.
Step 2: Ignore the part of the sentence that is NOT in the “who(ever)” or “whom(ever)” clause.
Step 3: In place of the word “who(ever)” or “whom(ever),” substitute the words “he” or “him” and check which one sounds better.
Step 4: If “he” sounds better, then choose “who(ever).” If “him” sounds better, choose “whom(ever).”   


Would I change my name?

Week 6.

If I did change my first name it would be something other than having a french origin (Suzette).  Believe it or not I would choose Kate. That is, I’ve always liked simple names.  For example, I like the names Jane and Emma.  Although, I seriously wouldn’t change my name because there is a story to my name. 

LIfe has changed forever 

I never liked my name as it was very different to everyone else’s when I was growing up.  However, having sometime to reflect, I now know my name is unique as I rarely meet someone with the same name. 

To put it another way, I am a twin from a family of seven children.  When I was born my mother didn’t realise she was having twins until she went into labour. Upon arriving at the hospital the midwife got my Mum settled into her bed then remarked, “Your looking quite big!” Actually, she then asked Mum “Would you like to listen to the heartbeat?” Mum replied “Yes.” As a result, the nurse heard two heartbeats instead of one. 

To cut a long story short, my mother gave birth to two healthy girls hence having the task of now naming twins. Consequently, Mum had two very good friends one named Suzette and the other Cherie. The rest is history! 

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Class Exercise: Goldilocks

Week 6.

Source: Google Images

They Say, I say, The moves that Matter in Academic Writing.  By Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein

Indicating who cares (pp.95-96)

Goldilocks could see three bowls of porridge on the table. Firstly, this story is not just about a little girl who has invited herself into the bear’s house. Researchers have found this fairytale not only to be an old-time favourite among children having been passed down through many generations. In fact, today Goldilocks is still very much alive and being read in many childcare centres, schools and homes around the world. For example, this fairytale has moved beyond the hardcover book to being in a film created by Walt Disney’s, a black and white animated film version “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” released on September 4, 1922. In addition, a stage production in London and released on Video and DVD. 

Ultimately, when it comes to the nature of Goldilocks there’s no way of getting around the fact that Goldilocks is trespassing  for starters, where she barges into the bears’ house uninvited and not only snoops around, but eats the bears’ porridge!  But a new body of research shows that suspense and wonderment is great for any child’s imagination.  As a result the suspense of wondering whether she’ll get caught only adds to the thrill.  At first glance, Goldilocks seem to be a fairytale although there is more to this story. For instance, the story uses sequencing in threes featuring three chairs, three bowls of porridge, three beds, and the three bears who live in the house. In fact, Goldilocks has become an educational tool along with being lots of fun as you can disguise your voice using  distinct tonnes when playing out the bears lines. For example: “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” using a big deep voice for Papa Bear. In short, Goldilocks is a golden classic providing lots of good reading time with children.

Links: http://mediainformatics.biz/kidsbook/bears.html (Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story)

Final Destination

Week 5.

Arriving late to class today wasn’t so bad after all.  Upon my arrival I walked into the entire class gripped to their chairs it seemed as my entrance didn’t effect anyone they were all occupied watching a movie.  Suddenly confronted with a scene out of the movie Final Destination. Wow! I hate scary movies mainly because of the very graphic scenes full of suspense, blood and death.

The task than of having to write our own script.  My point, I felt like I couldn’t reach the same state of mind as the scriptwriter of Final Destination.  For example, if Final Destination is showing on Foxtel, I immediately change the channel as I cannot bring myself to watch.  I already know the storyline in which you ultimately cannot cheat death, everyone dies.  Although some readers may object as they may absolutely love watching Final Destination movies.  I would say I’m more interested in documentaries, life stories and finally a good girlie flick.  In short, I disguise my true nature  by using my children as a coverup by promoting good viewing material for their eyes.  Whereas, I really dislike scary movies especially Final Destination Movies.

Week 5.

Another day another great Workshops. In addition, I’m able to meet up with my friend Chloë as it’s the only day I get to see her. Besides today was very interesting learning how to use transitions in your writing for the purpose of engaging your reader. Specifically, chapter eight addresses how to connect the parts in your writing allowing you to develop momentum, direction and connection within a paragraph. After all you want your writing to flow for your reader.

In other words, transitions are usually placed or near the start of your sentence as a signal for your reader allowing them to know where your text is going. Specifically transition words should echo your previous sentences or paragraph.

For example: (“in other words”), (“in addition”), (as a result), (“and yet”)

On pages 109 – 110 of  They Say, I say The moves that matter in Academic Writing, is a list of commonly used transition words.

Silence, Debate & Plagiarism

Week 4.

Once again, another enjoyable workshop. Our class exercise consisted of spending five minutes outdoors (I found a bench seat facing the sun). Our task, to listen to the ‘in between’ sounds. Closing my eyes I concentrated hearing birds whistling, the sound of trees blowing, an empty bottle hitting against stairs, automatic doors opening, trucks pulling in, distant traffic, and a loud noise coming from a generator.  Afterwards the class spilt up into two debating teams.  Now feeling very much out of my comfort zone never having debated at school, becoming suddenly nervous I  found myself taking deep breaths to calm down.  Eventually managing to give a response to help out the team.  Unfortunately, defeated on the day, hoping for a re-match.

In class Plagiarism multiply choice assessment task.


Example: To use someone else’s work or inventions as if they were your own ideas.

Chapter 9 – Ain’t So / Is Not

According to (Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, 2nd edition), your academic writing doesn’t  mean you have to put your own voice aside to write nor do you have to use big words and long sentences.  Instead,  making your writing relaxed, easy to follow and fun.  In other words, mixing academic and colloquial styles, blending academic writing with popular expressions and sayings can enhance its rigor and precision allowing the reader to connect personally and intellectually. This way, you’re getting  your audience involved, and interested in what you’re trying to tell them. Finally, considering your audience and purpose (Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, 2nd edition), “Because there are so many options in writing, never feel limited in your choice of words, as if such choices are set  in stone. You can always experiment with your language and improve it.

What’s more important, where you live or what you do for a living?

Week 4.

Definitely, where you live.  In March of 1998 we purchased our first home, a four bedroom brick house with a double garage and huge backyard, we still live there today.  My husband, an Industrial Engraver made a Brass Plaque,  giving our home a name, ‘Rosalie’  (meaning white rose from the latin origin).   Along the way we’ve produced three healthy boys.  In addition, our pets; two dogs, two oscar fish, and a yabby. Our home is our haven, our base, security blanket, a place to dwell, unwind, relax, cook comfort meals, and share moments with the ones we love. 

The Poem below relates to our home.

Excuse this House

Some houses try to hide the fact, that children shelter there.

Ours boasts of it quite openly, the signs are everywhere.

For smears are on the windows, little smudges on the doors.

I should apologise I guess, for toys strewn on the floor.

But I sat down with the children, and we played and laughed and read.

And if the doorbell doesn’t shine, their eyes will instead.

For when at times I’m forced to choose, the one job or another.

I want to be a housewife, but first I’ll be a Mother.


Little Red Riding Hood

 Week 3.   


This story is about a young woman called Red who visits her dear old Gran once a week. My point is not about what time she arrives but the events that were about to take place. This is not to say Red doesn’t enjoy her weekly visits to Gran’s place, but rather she doesn’t know what to expect to find upon her arrival.   

It is a beautiful crisp Autumn day with the sky displaying a few scattered clouds, as Red rides her brown stallion ‘Rebel’ down a narrow dirt road along the entrance to her Gran’s cottage. The warm sun rays show off Reds gorgeous wavy hair as she gallops slowly towards the cottage. Upon dismounting, Red inhales taking a deep breath whilst acknowledging a slight breeze which is carrying an aromatic scent of eucalyptus which is coming from Gran’s fireplace inside the cottage nestled among many tall eucalyptus trees. 

This is no fairytale, to put it another way, Gran for many years has been into Transvestism.  I’ll explain, Gran enjoys dressing up in Men’s clothing.  Although in saying this, first I will explore Gran’s personality, then secondly I will look at her habits.  For example,  Red’s unexpected visit is to check out Gran’s living conditions as requested by Gran’s Physician, where he believes her daily activities have taken toll on her health and well-being.  Reasons given were, Gran often smokes half a packet of cigarettes a day along with a high consumption of vodka as she loves to make her favourite cocktail ‘The Cosmopolitan.’ Even more importantly, Gran is a carer to her seven-year old nephew, named Charlie.   

Much to Red’s surprise when she entered the cottage discreetly, she embarked upon a setting which she will cherish forever. First locating Charlie snuggled on a large cows-hide bean-bag besides “Wolverine” Grans pet dog an Alaskan Malamute, positioned closely by the fireplace. Red, scanning the room again, to her surprise finds Gran knelt in front of the television engaged in hooking up what looked to be a Wii game set. Charlie notices Red, jumping up alerting Woverine who broke out into loud barks displaying his affection towards Red by licking her face. Gran laughing, saying “Oh dear Red, your just in time, I purchased this new Wii Game for Charlie so I could occupy my hands as I’ve just stopped smoking.  Red replies “ Do you know how to get it working?” “No, lucky your here to help now, some guy at the Top Pub said it fell off the back of a truck.” Charlie then saying, “Really Gran, we’re so lucky it didn’t break!” Red and Gran Laughed for some time. Red saying “ Well let’s get this game started.” 

After an enjoyable afternoon spent at Gran’s and deliberately loosing three times, Red had reassured herself that everything was going to be o.k.   Although, some readers may object that Gran’s personal activities are conflicting with the caring of her nephew, Red would argue this point.  Responding by saying, on the days Charlie stays with Gran she never drinks any alcohol and most recently Gran has started wearing Nicotine Patches.  However, Gran isn’t getting any younger and Red will always be concerned about her health and well-being.  Although, Gran still displays an energetic outlook on life and a real need to express herself through cross dressing.  Never the less Red has advised Gran’s Physician, she’ll keep a regular eye on her and visit more often.  In addition, Red expressed she isn’t overly concerned for Charlies welfare as his visits are only two hours per week and she always telephones to check up. Finally adding, she isn’t too far away, being just two kilometres down the road. In short, Red will always love her Gran and stands by that famous quote which first appeared in the 1946 murder mystery novel, Murder in the Glass Room (by Edwin Rolfe and Lester Fuller) “you can never tell a book by its cover.”  

The End.   


A Sad Day in Pop Culture History

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

I live in Australia, and when I was 10 years old I had stayed home sick from school for the day. My Dad was looking after me and as the day went by I had grown bored of staying indoors so my father suggested I get some sun on my face and sent me outside to play in the backyard. Meanwhile, he stayed inside tinkering around as he listened to the radio.

I was jolted frozen, as the back door slammed up against the side of the house and an image of my father became implanted in my brain. I will never forget the look in my Dad's eyes nor his distressed voice as he leaped out from the doorway to tell me the terrible news he'd just heard over the radio. His immediate presence stopped me playing in the dirt because his voice sounded so different to what is was normally. He spoke softly but with a direct and very distressed tonne. He said to me, "Can you believe it, they just shot John Lennon" I can't believe it, they just said it now on the radio, John Lennon's been shot!"

John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman at the entrance to the building where he lived, The Dakota, in New York City on 8 December 1980. So shocking and tragic was his death as the world and music industry mourned his death. R.I.P. John Lennon – such a gifted, amazing, and talented person. – Gone but not forgotten –

I grew up listening to the Beatles and absolutely love the song Women, by John Lennon. I also love the very iconic photo of him wearing the New York City T-Shirt and sun-glasses.

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The best and worst parts of the Holiday Season

The Good and Bad moments…

The Festive Season

The things I don't like about the merry season…

1. Hand writing out all of my Christmas Cards.

2. Thinking of gifts to buy all the relatives and hoping that they will like them.

3. Having to work on Christmas Eve when I could be wrapping last minute presents, preparing food for the big day or simply spending the night with my boys.

4. Packing all the family clothes to go away with on holidays.

5. The overcrowded shopping Malls.

What I love the most during the holiday season…

1. Decorating the Xmas Tree on the 1st of December.

2. Buying lots of presents especially my work Kris Kringle!

3. Eating Ham on toast for breakfast and basically just eating all day long!

4. My boys counting down the days until Santa arrives.

5. Reading all the boys letters they wrote to Santa!

6. Going to beach for our family holidays.

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What does Christmas mean to you….

Christmas is a very exciting time for my family.  It’s that time of year where we all get to go on holidays together and it’s usually to the beach.  Our days are spent relaxing on the beach, fishing, eating and swimming.  Christmas is also enjoying the company of  friends and family. “To me Christmas means having fun, eating, drinking and lots of over indulging.  Also, not forgetting it is about celebrating the birthday of Jesus.”

Christmas is a time  for giving, sharing, spending time with family, and loving.  Most of all, I really like buying gifts and seeing the recipients face when they open it!